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    22/08/19 19:00
  • Altitude
  • Temperature
    Minimum: 16.7ºC Current: 16.4ºC Maximum : 16.8ºC
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22/08/19 19:00



Booking centre for activities in the Aran valley: rafting on the rivers Garona and Noguera Pallaresa, canyoning, climbing, horse-riding, Caviar Nacarii, taxi trips, National Park, wildlife, BTT, quads, tickets for parks, etc.

Tel.: +34 973 640 087


Walking, mountain hiking, canyoning, rafting in the Garona River, rafting in the Noguera Pallaresa river, Water adventure park, horseback rides, special packs for families.

Tel.: +34 973 642 444 / +34 616 335 691


Mountain and canyoning guides. Romanesque guides, BTT; horseback sightseeing, climbing, quads, photographic safaris of flora and fauna, role play and paintball activities, rafting, kayaking, canyoning.

Tel. : +34 973 640 024

Deportur Val d'Aran

Rafting, hydrospeed, kayaking, canyoning, BTT, walking, climbing, archery, Canadian canoeing, 4x4 routes, quads, horseback tours, canoeing.

Tel. : +34 973 647 044


Hiking through the National Park, crossing the Aran Valley and the regions of the Pallars Sobirà and the Alta Ribagorça. A fantastic hike along paths steeped in history, ending in Vielha, Baqueira, Espot, Boi and Conangles. Luggage is transported for you on every stage (Hiking without luggage). Possibility of joining both Setau Sageth + Encantats together in a 7-day hike, a route unique in Europe.

Tel.: +34 973 642 444

Era Hormatgeria Tarrau

In the village of Bagergue, Naut Aran, at an altitude de 1,418 metres, we can find the Tarrau Dairy, the only remaining authentic cheese dairy in the Aran Valley.

The Tarrau dairy, produces homemade cheeses, made exclusively from unpasteurised cow’s milk. The dairy’s main aim is to recuperate the traditional method of cheese- making in the Valley, using the same processes that were used time ago in the Ushet de Bagergue house.

Tel.: +34 615 679 918 / +34 609 189 063

Pedals de Foc

An activity to discover the Pyrenees from 30 April to 1 November. Mountainbike rides around the National Park of Aigüestortes.

Tel.: +34 973 643 662

Setau Sageth

Trekking in the Aran Valley, a circular crossing in five stages starting out from Vielha, with hotel accommodation and luggage transportation on each stage. Visiting Toran Valley, Liat lake, the region of the great lakes of Mar and Rius, and the road from the Peak of Vielha.

Tel.: +34 973 642 444

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