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15/10/18 22:00
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    15/10/18 22:00
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New for the 17/18 season

Skiers in Baqueira Beret are going to find a resort that has been updated with striking new features such as the complete renovation of the Bosque cafeteria and other qualitative improvements such as the extension of the snow production system and the improvements to the ski runs, so essential when it comes to having the best possible experience.

Totally new Bosque cafeteria in Baqueira 1800

Free Flow

Customers will now find a space that is large, welcoming and comfortable. To achieve this, we have designed a “free flow” space for ease of circulation, where you can see and choose what you are going to eat with total comfort. The changes have evidently led to the disappearance of the old self-service, as well as the sandwich area.

Changes to the menu

The renovation not only affects the space, but also the food on offer, and the commitment to quality is reflected in the arrival of dishes such as pizzas, charcoal-grilled meats and dishes of the day made in a kitchen that has also been extended.

Better accessibility

Skiers in Baqueira Beret will be sure to like the new, more easily accessible terrace. Besides the main entrance, which faces the Baqueira Store, there is now new covered access to directly reach the services or enter the cafeteria. Likewise, the sandwich bar has now disappeared, leaving a large viewing space where you can stop for a bite to eat with exceptional views.


In the new Bosque cafeteria, customers will be able to benefit from an ideal setting in a large space with tables and chairs of different heights, and even a cosy area with a chimney, such as in the Baqueira Grill 5J. They are also sure to like the fact that the “free flow” area has four tills to prevent queues when going to pay. Sandwiches are also available in this same food and drink area, for those who prefer that kind of snack. And for those who were used to treating themselves to a crepe or waffle, they will still find this area of the cafeteria up and running as a bar area. Beyond the physical dining room itself, part of the refurbishment has also taken place with a view to making customers' lives easier, and now skiers will find other details such as the fact that the main terrace and dining room are on the same level.

Investment in snow production and improving the ski runs

Visitors will enjoy the improved Baqueira Beret thanks to the investment in areas that are unseen yet vital to the resort. This season, two of our snow machines have been replaced with two brand new ones, one specifically to work in the snowpark.

Work on runs

Baqueira Beret's interest in continuing to improve season after season, to be able to offer the best experience in the snow, leads it to invest and do work on all aspects every summer. This summer, work has been done in particular on the Bonaigua and Baqueira ski runs to facilitate the grooming work of the snow machines in the event of little snowfall, details the skiers may never think about, but that are crucial so they will find ski runs in the best conditions.

Cara Norte and Beret

In addition, on the north face, work has been done on the Cara Norte run, widening the narrowest areas to facilitate access for intermediate level skiers. At the same time, a small diagonal has been created – the new Blanqueta run – to connect the lower part of the Tubo Nere and the ridges facing the north face, which have good snowfall, expanding the skiable area of the north face in search of those places where the snow is abundant and of high quality. Work has also been done on the area of the Beret Snowpark and some ski runs at Saumet, all with the idea of facilitating the work of the machines, especially at the beginning of the season when the thickness of the snow tends to be more of an issue.

More snow

In connection with this constant improvement, part of the Baqueira Beret Spirit that has led it to become the reference in the Pyrenees and at national and international level, Baqueira's snow production system has been optimised and extended to the Bonaigua area. This optimisation consists in switching to snow cannons that adapt their production to marginal temperatures, with higher production curves and much lower energy consumption.

The extensions have taken place to mitigate the areas that are more exposed due to their orientation to the sun, especially in winters with high temperatures and little precipitation. To achieve this, five low-pressure cannons have been acquired and 196 old ones have been swapped for new ones with higher production and less energy consumption. In the Argülls-Bonaigua area, 23 outlets have been set up to be able to connect the new cannons at different points, according to needs, as well as three more outlets in Baqueira 1800.

Ski lifts

Furthermore, like every summer, other smaller jobs have also been carried out that are essential for the resort's operation, as well as maintenance on the ski lifts so that everything is ready for when the new, long- awaited season begins where Baqueira Beret's customers will feel at home when they come to enjoy a few days in the snow.

Online booking system and website with improved usability

An improved Baqueira Beret Travel Agency booking system, with the installation of a new program that makes it possible to speed up and facilitate bookings, both over the phone as well as those made directly over the updated website www.viajes.baqueira.es

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