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  • Day
    19.03.19 15:17
  • Weather
    3o C
  • Snow
    105-185 cm
  • KM Slopes
  • Ski lifts
  • Avalanche
  • Webcams
19.03.19, 15:17

The 5th quattro Era Baishada sweeps into Baqueira Beret

The 5th quattro Era Baishada sweeps into Baqueira Beret


Audi is bringing back the legendary popular race that combines a number of downhill skiing and snowboarding disciplines. The event will take place at Beret Stadium on 17 March. The day will be chock-full of fun, competition and lots of thrills.

You’re in for the ride of your life! That’s how the 5th Era Baishada welcomes its competitors who will be able to take part in the popular race on Saturday, 17 March at Beret. The race, famed for its festive atmosphere and open to all categories, will feature a route aimed at delivering as much fun as possible to ensure that all the racers have a great time. In this way winning will simply become another incentive.

The Quattro Era Baishada will host six different categories of competitors, starting with the youngest in the U14 and U16 age groups followed by Seniors and Masters and up to the Legend category. Men and women will be included in all the categories.

The race

As in previous years the competition has been designed to provide an unforgettable experience in the snow in a format different from the rest of competitions. The multidisciplinary race will ensure that skiers experience the excitement and fun of competition where the most important thing is taking part.

The selected route will consist of a parallel start leading to a parallel Giant Slalom followed by a flying kilometre that will end with another Giant Slalom also run in parallel. The starting order will be as follows: Legends, Masters, Seniors, U16, U14, Snowboard and Telemark.

The competition will be individual, but if a skier would like to compete with a friend or relative the organisation recommends registering one after the other and as soon as possible to increase the chances of making the descent together.


Between 8 am and 9.30 am on Saturday, 17 March, numbers will be handed out to registered competitors and the last registrations will be closed, all at Pla de Beret. After 9.30 am competitors can recce the race route until 10 am when the race will begin. Whenever possible a new pair of skiers will start every 40 seconds to begin their descent along the circuit to the finish line.

At the end of the race skiers will be given a sandwich and a drink so they can top up their energy levels and continue enjoying the magnificent day which will end with the awards ceremony and a raffle among all the entrants.


Anyone who would like to take part in the 5th Quattro Era Baishada can register online on the competition website (www.quattroerabaishada.com),where you can also see the race rules, schedule and classifications.

Registration costs €20 and includes a souvenir number, an exclusive Mizu bottle as a gift, a sandwich and drink at the end of the race and a prize draw among all the entrants.

General information: http://quattroerabaishada.com

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