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    18.01.19 16:05
  • Weather
    -5o C
  • Snow
    35-65 cm
  • KM Slopes
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18.01.19, 16:05

Ski Service Baqueira Store, service and equipment at the foot of the runs

Ski Service Baqueira Store, service and equipment at the foot of the runs


Weather permitting, during the Christmas holidays and at New Year Baqueira Beret is to have all its runs and ski lifts open. With 1.40 m depths high up in the mountains it’s time to upgrade ski and snowboard equipment at Ski Service Baqueira Store.

The skiable area at Val d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu is in spectacular condition and with the snowfall of recent days Baqueira is opening all its runs for the Christmas holidays. All in all the ideal chance to kick off the ski season at Ski Service Baqueira Store.

The store allows you to rent top-of-the-ranges skis in-person or online and change the model every day. The establishment has six rental and sale points (Baqueira 1500, Hotel Montarto, Ruda 1500 and Ruda II, Beret 1850, Bosque 1800 – ski storage only – and Bonaigua 2072).

They carry over a dozen leading ski brands with the option after renting to buy a new pair from a brand available in Baqueira Store and get back all the money paid to hire the equipment. The range also includes other sports and activities so customers can rent snowboards, cross-country, telemark, backcountry and mountaineering skis, snowshoes and even sledges.

“The equipment always reaches the skier in ideal condition and in perfect order for use,” says Juan Delicado, one of Ski Service’s specialists. “We’re constantly updating our equipment and, most importantly, we take great care in tailoring it to every person, making sure that when they leave here they not only have the right equipment but it also fits properly, to their size: ready to enjoy our runs.”

The hours at the Ruda store and central renting service have been extended with opening every day of the season at 8.30 am and closing at 8.30 pm. Plus one of Ski Service’s big advantages is the option to change equipment every day in any of its six stores and make the most of the range of models available in a department which has over 3,300 pairs of skis.

Customers staying at the Hotel Montarto have special conditions for rental, pickup, repair and ski storage services. In addition skiers can also find over 1,000 top-of-the-range helmets from leading brands for extra safety.

Ski Service also looks to its customers’ convenience and comfort. It has a heated ski storage and locker service for leaving equipment at Ruda, Bosque 1800, Beret and Baqueira 1500. You can also reserve any type of equipment the day before for pickup at any of the other centres and Ski Service staff will take it there (except Bosque).

All Ski Service centres have a repair workshop in case skiers have problems with their skis. The teams of specialists get everything ready to go in the shortest time possible. This service also comes with an “equipment care” package which gives free tips and help to anyone who wants to adjust and check the condition of their skis or snowboard.

Ski Service Baqueira Store centres:

Ruda 1500

In Galerías de Ruda next to the ski pass sale offices and near the gondola. Renting top or mid-range skis, snowboards, snowshoes, sledges, ski storage. Baqueira Store. Repair workshop. Equipment care.

Baqueira 1500

Under the Baqueira offices at the foot of the Bosque chairlift. Renting top or mid-range skis and snowboards. Ski storage. Day and night repair workshop. Equipment care.

Hotel Montarto (Fórum 1500 area)

Ski and snowboard rental. Accessories sale. Repair workshop. Equipment care.

Beret 1850

At the foot of the runs next to the Audeth cafeteria.

Renting top or mid-range skis, Nordic skis, snowboards, mountain skis, kids’ sledges, snowshoes. Repair workshop. Ski storage. Lockers. Accessories sale. Equipment care.

Bosque 1800

Next to the Bosque cafeteria.

Ski storage. Lockers. Accessories sale. Equipment care.

Bonaigua 2072

In the Bonaigua services centre.

Ski and snowboard rental. Snowshoes, ski storage, repair workshop, accessories sale and equipment care.

To rent directly through our online booking system:

www.viajes.baqueira.es or www.baqueira.es

More information about Ski Service:

Ski Service Baqueira Store:


Telephone: 973 639 023



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