Baqueira Beret offers hiking and mountain biking with many new features for this summer

Verano Baqueira 2022

This summer in Baqueira there will be more chairlifts than ever, more hiking than ever, more cycling than ever and more restaurants than ever... Basically, this summer we are offering more #EspirituBaqueira than ever.


The summer season is beginning, as is Baqueira's new offering for all visitors in this summer season 2022. Holidays surrounded by beautiful nature and tranquility are increasingly popular, with a wide variety of outdoor sports. This is exactly what Baqueira Beret will offer be offering from July to early September. A combination of sports, nature, gastronomy and culture for the best family holiday, while discovering the Val d'Aran and Valls d'Àneu without their characteristic white topping. 


More chairlifts than ever

One of the major new developments this summer is the opening of two lifts in the Baqueira and Beret areas. The El Bosque TSD, located in Baqueira 1500 and the new Clòt der Os TSD, which opened last winter season in the Beret area, will be open from 9 July until 4 September. 

The opening of these two facilities casts a wide area between Baqueira and Beret with new routes and activities for mountain lovers, hikers and cyclists who are keen to pursue this style of holidays. 


More mountain biking than ever

Thanks to the strategic plan of the Conselh Generau d'Aran to make the Valle de Arán a cycling tourism hotspot, and the collaboration of the Naut Aran City Council in building and extending mountain bike trails, this summer you can enjoy 3 new cycling trails in the area around the resort. The routes can be accessed via the Baqueira Beret ski lifts and will be added to the other routes in the area, making more than 900 kilometres of routes overall. 

The new trails found in the area around the resort will enable all kinds of people to enjoy the spectacular views and the excitement of one of the most enjoyable descents in the Baqueira and Beret area. 

Starting at the centre of Baqueira, an exciting descent zone will be set up for beginners, blue and green, which will start at the top of the Es Bosque TSD at 1,800 m, crossing the entire forest along the mythical Vuelta a Casa and Dera Cascada routes down to the foot of the chairlift, a total of 300 m with a fun route for all types of visitors.

The Beret area will also have an accessible, green level drop, which will be located at the top of the Clòt der Os TSD. The new chairlift will take you to the start of this route, which starts in the fun and family-friendly Fun Park area with a pleasant descent to Pla de Beret.

In addition to the routes already mentioned, both cyclists and hikers can enjoy a route from Baqueira to the core of Beret crossing the majestic Pla de Beret, on a quiet and easy excursion full of impressive landscapes that make up this characteristic area. 


More hiking than ever

Hikers visiting the resort will also be able to take advantage of the two lifts open during this summer season. From Baqueira you can enjoy different routes that will take you to the Beret area, passing by Orri or back to Baqueira 1500. 

Beret will offer with a new circular route, which will start at the highest part of the Clòt der Os TSD, which you can follow to reach the lakes of this beautiful area and return to the top of the ski lift to resume the descent by chair or walk all the way to the Pla de Beret area. This route is perfect for families thanks to its comfortable incline and short distance of just 3 kilometres.


More dining than ever

Dining this summer season comes with a surprise. In addition to the traditional Pla de Beret Restaurant, which opens every summer, with its usual range of menus and mountain cuisine, we will be offering Bar 1500, located at the base of the El Bosque TSD, offering some fun for the main Resort area. 

In addition, the Montarto Hotel will open its doors on 5 July until 5 September and, in a return to normality after two years of pandemic, the hotel's spa will open. The hotel will also offer some new features this season, thanks to the extension of the mountain bike routes, by becoming a fully Bike Friendly hotel. In addition, the Wine Bar by Viña Pomal and the Borda Lobató will also be open.


Opening hours and passes

The El Bosque and Clòt der Os chairlifts will be open from 10:00 to 18:00 every day of the week, where weather conditions permit. The daily price for a return trip for each ski lift will be €15 for adults and €10 for children. Access by bicycle allows unlimited return trips in both lifts, for €28 for adults and €18 for children. Children's fees apply up to 11 years of age.

All visitors can purchase their pass online through the Baqueira Beret website,, by topping up a BaqueiraPASS or BaqueiraTICKET. Passes to access the lifts can also be purchased at points of sale in the lower areas of both chairlifts. As has been the case in previous years, all those who have acquired the BaqueiraPASS during the season will have free access to the Baqueira Beret facilities. 

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Baqueira Beret offers hiking and mountain biking with many new features for this summer
This summer in Baqueira there will be more chairlifts than ever, more hiking than ever, more cycling than ever and more restaurants than ever... Basically, this summer we are offering more #EspirituBaqueira than ever.
Easter with the entire ski area open in Baqueira Beret
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