The Era Marmòta SnowPark is the Ski Resort's best freestyle area. The park is safe and attractive, and suitable for all levels. It consists of three lines divided into different levels of difficulty: green, blue and red.

The park uses natural and artificial modules that vary during the season. It is worth noting that each line has jumps, boxes and rails of each colour, so skiers and snowboarders can make progress and improve their skills in a circuit suitable for all levels. All the lines have signs to ensure the maximum safety for all users.

A new feature was added in the 21/22 season consisting of several rails following the red jumps line, with descents adapted to slopestyle competitions. 

The SnowPark is located on the Marmòtes piste. Access is via the TQ Fernández-Ochoa, the TSD Dera Reina or the TSD Jesús Serra. It is also strategically situated to take advantage of the maximum hours of daylight in the park, and also to keep the snow fresh for the practice of this type of sport.