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  • Day
    23.02.19 11:26
  • Weather
    8o C
  • Snow
    195-235 cm
  • KM Slopes
  • Ski lifts
  • Avalanche
  • Webcams
23.02.19, 11:26

Freestyle gains ground in Baqueira Beret with the Era Marmòta snowpark

Freestyle gains ground in Baqueira Beret with the Era Marmòta snowpark


The Val d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu ski resort features a revamped snowpark in Beret for freestyle skiers and snowboarders.

Baqueira Beret has some good news for long-standing and beginner freestylers alike: the shapers team which runs the snowpark is totally new and their enormous enthusiasm and effort have already led to some pretty good results for this season. A combination of nonstop work and the abundant snowfall at the resort has enabled the team to build the modules. The snowpark is now a haven for skiers and snowboarders who are looking to fly.

The Era Marmòta snowpark is at the Marmòtes run which can be reached by the TQ Fernández Ochoa, the TSD Dera Reina or the TSD Jesús Serra. The park is divided into three areas: green for novices, blue for intermediate and red for the most experienced. That means fun is not restricted to riders who are proficient at this sport but is also open to all from beginners to experts.

The modules and jumps available will depend on weather conditions and the work the shapers have to do to get them ready. Consequently the description may vary significantly depending on how much snow falls.

In the green area there is a small boardercross and a line of simple and easy jumps and boxes (flat box 2, down box, flat-down box). Practitioners who aren’t quite so skilled will be able to safely enjoy their first jumps and modules.

People who already have a bit of experience can use the blue area where they will find a great line of jumps, rails, boxes and other modules (flat tube, down rail and flat-down rail). These jumps call for a higher level of skill than the ones in the green area, but they will be accessible to anyone who is a good skier or snowboarder on the runs. It will be the gateway to great emotions and experiences in the snowpark.

And what about the park’s old hands? The best riders can try out their skills in the red area. Here they will find much larger jumps and extremely difficult modules. There’s no doubt it will be a great spectacle for people who jump and also for others who can watch a rider complete the jumps and tricks in this area of ​​the park.

The new team will work to keep the green and blue lines open at all times. The red one will only open to the public if allowed by snow conditions and also with user safety at the forefront. The team wants to make sure the snowpark is safe and at the same time fun.


39th Marxa Beret: 3 and 4 February

Saturday 3 Sprint Salomon which in the end will take place at Pla de Beret at 12 noon on Saturday in a spectacular elimination competition format.

Sunday 4 Marxa Beret with the classic 42, 21 and 10 km distances starting at 10 am. This popular event is open to everyone looking to have a good time but is also on the RFEDI Lotteries Spanish Cup calendar as a Distance event. Registration at: www.marxaberet.com

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