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  • Day
    23.02.19 11:26
  • Weather
    8o C
  • Snow
    195-235 cm
  • KM Slopes
  • Ski lifts
  • Avalanche
  • Webcams
23.02.19, 11:26

Lots of snow for the 850 competitors in the 39th Marxa Beret

Lots of snow for the 850 competitors in the 39th Marxa Beret


On 3-4 February the Baqueira Beret resort once again hosted the biggest popular cross-country skiing competition in Spain, the Marxa Beret, in which 850 long-distance skiers took part. The competition is a scoring event for the Spanish Cross-Country Skiing Cup and was held over three distances: 10 km, 21 km and 42 km.

In real winter temperatures down to -11º C high up in the mountains and with 25 cm of recently fallen snow, in the first weekend of February the Val d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu resort was the venue for the 39th Marxa Beret. In spite of the cold, the competition took place without any problems and even some sunny moments.

This legendary popular cross-country competition welcomes long-distance skiers from across Spain and also from many other European countries. This year the event featured 850 skiers of all ages who competed over three distances: the 10 km circuit in the Beret and Orri area, the 21 km trail in the Beret, Orri and Montgarri area and the 42 km route in the Beret, Orri, Montgarri and Marimanha area.

Saturday was the turn of the Sprint Salomon in Beret, an event in which the selected participants competed in knock-out rounds over a very short distance. It is run in lockstep with the Marxa Beret and provides a different spectacle from the long-distance competition held on Sunday.

This year’s event is on the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation (RFEDI) Cross-Country Skiing Cup calendar and the International Ski Federation (FIS) Popular Long-Distance Skiing Circuit (ML) calendar.

Marxa Beret is organised by the General Council of Aran, Baqueira Beret and Naut Arán Town Council. It is supported by: Asociación Volentaris Val d’Aran, Foment Torisme Val d’Aran, Lleida Provincial Council, Vielha e Mijaran Town Council, Pompièrs d’Aran, Aran Salut, Mossos d’Esquadra, INS d’Aran, and also the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation, the Catalan Federation of Winter Sports (FCEH) and its various sponsors.

Marxa Beret results

42 km men

Name Time Club
1. Sadurní Betriu Boix 2:09:49
2. Diego Ruiz Asin 2:12:09 CMGC
3. Xabier Macias Cipriain 2:12:24 UHRTE

42 km women

Name Time Club
1. Marta Cester Farré 2:38:52 CAEI
2. Marielle Bigot 2:49:40 CAF
3. Cynthia Martínez Ibero 2:53:10 IRRTZ

21 km men

Name Time Club
1. Gral Sellés Bancells 1:12:42 BELLV
2. Lucas Marcen Inca 1:20:21 Mayencos
3. Sébastien Capou 1:21:06 Montagnards Argelésiens

21 km women

Name Time Club
1. Maialen López Iñarra 1:27:30 Irungo Mendizaleak
2. Kristin Roset 1:28:18
3. Elisa Hernández Juárez 1:36:50 CDE Rivas Esquí de Fondo

10 km men

Name Time Club
1. Jaume Pueyo Repullo 0:30:22 CEFUC
2. Gerard Palomo Vicente 0:30:49 CEFUC
3. Mikel Plazas Iriberri 0:30:51 UZTUR

10 km women

Name Time Club
1. Maria Sellés Gasch 0:34:32 BELLV
2. Jessica Mur Plana 0:35:41 HBEN
3. Irati Cuadrado Noain 0:35:54 IRRTZ

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