New ski lift, new slopes, international competitions and much more in the new 2022-2023 season

Novedades Baqueira Beret

Again this year, the main new features for the 2022-2023 season are in the Beret zone: a new TSD Dossau lift, providing access to new pistes and a total of 170 km of skiable slopes spanning the territory's 4 areas.

But the new additions go way beyond the slopes. Baqueira is launching a new website with improved functionality, a more streamlined browsing experience and enhanced usability. Plus, we're continuing to improve the integration of our various products, like topping up your BaqueiraPASS and BaqueiraTICKET, reserving equipment via the Ski Service, registering for the kids' SNOWCAMP parks, and checking availability of accommodation and experiences with Viajes Baqueira.


New TSD Dossau 
6-seater detachable chairlift, so you can enjoy Beret like never before
The legendary Dossau chairlift has had an update. A 6-seater detachable chairlift, taking you to the same spot as before but on new transport, and to new slopes and pistes.
Let's look at the figures. The new chairlift has the capacity for 2,400 skiers per hour, taking you from an exit altitude of 1,850 m up to 2,508 m, covering a gradient of 627 m, and a total length of 2,301 m.


New pistes: Montgarri, Passada d’Auba and Tortuga 2
Along with the updated Dossau chairlift come new runs, including Montgarri (red) and Passada d'Auba (blue) - the latter in the Colhet de Marimanha area. 
In that same lift area we've made some changes to the slopes, all to improve your skiing and snowboarding experience. 
Plus, there's a third new piste in the Baqueira area: Tortuga 2. The former Lenhadors run has now been modified, making it suitable for average skill level customers.
The new slopes offer fantastic views and descents, seen from a whole new perspective, increasing the total skiable area to 170 kilometres.


Snow level improvements and new snow groomers: 
Year after year, the resort continues to invest in improvements, including new piste bashers to ensure the slopes start each morning in impeccable shape - one of Baqueira Beret's hallmarks. This season the fleet of snow groomers - vital for keeping the slopes in shape - has grown. Three new machines (1 Winch and 2 conventional PB600) bring the total to 18 active piste bashers working throughout the season.
Snow production has also been a key investment in recent years; this is why we've expanded the network with 2,400 km of pipes, a total of 23 snow cannons (doubling snow production in the upper part of the Dossau run), 20 high pressure and 3 low, and also expanded capacity.
A new booster has been built in the new Dossau zone to produce snow across the area, especially the upper part of Colhet de Marimanha and the lower part of the Ticolet piste. This ensures 58% of the total skiable area in Baqueira Beret has access to snow production. Snow production covers 94% of the area in Baqueira, 51% in Beret, and 35% in Bonaigua.


New website 
We've created a new website with improved functionality, a more streamlined browsing experience and enhanced usability. Plus, Baqueira Beret is continuing to improve the integration of our various products, like topping up your BaqueiraPASS and BaqueiraTICKET, reserving equipment via the Ski Service, registering for the kids' SNOWCAMP parks, and checking availability of accommodation and experiences with Viajes Baqueira.


Sustainability: as always, we're taking the utmost care of our mountain
Baqueira Beret is implementing different actions on an ongoing basis, to promote sustainability and self-sufficiency at the winter resort.
Contributing to a sustainable future is one of the company's top priorities. Adapting commercial activities and reducing our carbon footprint are aspects we consider in all projects. Activities are also being planned and implemented to promote the sustainability and self-sufficiency of the ski and mountain resort, because every little gesture works towards the common good.


Hotel Montarto renovation
The first hotel at the foot of the slopes opened its doors in 1972: the Baqueira Beret hotel, Montarto Hotel. Since then, 50 years have passed along with countless winter and summer seasons.
The hotel has recently been refurbished, offering guests a more comfortable stay, without losing the wonderful, mountain lodge character it's maintained over the years.
Its prime location at the foot of the slopes makes it one of the best hotels in Baqueira Beret, and gives customers easy access to the resort entrance.
One wing of the hotel was refurbished in 2020, remodelling 50 rooms with an improved layout, design and finish. The second wing was renovated this year, with the same look and design as the last. Now, the Montarto Hotel has undergone an almost full refurbishment.


Technology and comfort as you dine on high
The restaurants are also updated season after season, offering new dishes and more variety.
Last year was the first year you could place online orders at specific points, and this year you'll be able to do it in more cafes, bars and restaurants to speed up customer orders. Large heated parasols have been introduced, new this season, so you can enjoy dining on an outdoor terrace no matter how cold the weather.
Catering options in Baqueira Beret are constantly being updated, with a range of choices for every taste, including vegetarian and vegan options. 


National and international events
For the second consecutive year, Baqueira Beret will be home to the Freeride World Tour 2023. Following the resounding success of last season's event, when it was the first stop on the tour, this season the world's best riders will be back in the resort of Val d'Aran and Valls d'Àneu for the world's most prestigious freeride event; an essential fixture for adrenaline junkies - or any winter sports enthusiasts.
Downhill competitions are also making a comeback, along with the resort's other, now legendary contests such as the Blanca Fernández Ochoa Memorial, the magical E-tron Night, the Salomon Quest Challenge for World Snow Day, Phase 1 of Movistar SBX, the 43rd the Marxa Beret, Amics de Montgarri Audi 4 CUP, BBB Ski & Snowboard Race Experience, Fundación Jesús Serra Trophy, TOP CAEI U21-18 Spanish Championship, SBX Spanish Championships, and the RFEDI competition, among a host of other races and events scheduled for the 2022-2023 season.


New features, hard work and boundless enthusiasm for the 2022-2023 season, so you can enjoy Baqueira, Beret, Bonaigua and Baciver like never before.



Tardor ei BaqueiraPASS
Tardor ei sinonim de beresa ena Val d’Aran, cambis de colors, prumères nhèus, temperatures fresques e çò de mès important: s'apròpe eth demorat iuèrn 2022-2023.
Baqueira Beret apòste peth senderisme e era BTT damb fòrça novetats entad aguest ostiu
Aguest ostiu en Baqueira auràs mès telesères que jamès, mès senderisme que jamès, mès ciclisme que jamès e mès restaurants que jamès…En definitiva, aguest ostiu, aufrim mès #EspirituBaqueira que jamès.
Setmana Santa damb tot eth domeni esquiable daurit en Baquèira Beret
Mercés as recentes nheuades e as temperatures de pur iuèrn qu'arribèren pendent es darrèri dies, se preve qu'era Setmana Santa sigue excepcionau damb boni espesores de nhèu, d'enquia 195 cm en còtes nautes, e damb era totalitat dera Estacion daurida, cada viatge que es condicions meteorologiques ac permeten.
Baquèira Beret barre era melhora sason dera sua istòria

Eth deluns 18 d'abriu era estacion d'esquí dera Val d’Aran e Valls d’àneu ponec punt finau ar iuèrn 2021-2022. Junhetz sason, que comencèc eth dissabte 27 de noveme, e que serà arrebrembada pes positives chifres que s'an enregistrat damb mès de 1 milion (1.033.453) de dies d'esquí e 143 jornades en foncionament.

Er aumenatge en Pau Donés ena Val d’Aran, “Era Val Cride”, supère ja es 500 inscriti
Son más de 500 las personas que ya se han inscrito a El Valle Grita y que participarán en la grabación de este videoclip colectivo que pretende reunir a todas las personas que quieran rendir homenaje a Pau e interpretar uno de sus temas más significativos: Grita, rodeados del paisaje único que ofrece el Pla de Beret.
A on van a èster es tòns esquís?
Aguest estiu, eth tòn esquís o taula se demoren en Baquèira. Dempús d'ua grana sason eth tòn materiau se merite junhetz revision e ponuda a punt. Aguesta revision permet as tues esquís o taula seguir en perfèctes condicions e atau contunhar en tot acompanhar-te pendent mès temps en tot hèr çò que mès t'agrade, deslizarte pes pistes de Baquèira Beret.
Dimenjada damb fòrça ritme e activitat
Damb era practica totalitat dera Estacion daurida, junhetz meteorología establa e bones condicions de nhèu primauera, era darrèra dimenjada se viuec ua grana dimenjada de fòrça activitat entà toti es publics e mai musiciana que jamès en Vaquèira Beret.
Baqueira Beret mantierà es sòns quate airaus dauridi enquiath 18 d'abriu
La estación de la Val d’Aran y Valls d’Àneu ofrecerá las cuatro áreas de Baqueira, Beret, Bonaigua y Baciver abiertas hasta el día previsto de cierre de la estación el 18 de abril, siempre que las condiciones meteorológicas y de nieve lo permitan. Esto significará gran parte de los kilómetros esquiables abiertos y los principales servicios de restauración y otros equipamientos funcionando con toda normalidad.
Arribe era VII BBB Ski & Snowboard Race Experience de Baqueira Beret
La BBB Race, organizada por Baqueira Beret y con la colaboración de ÈM ARAN Sports Foundation, es una divertida prueba individual open para esquiadores y snowboarders a partir de 6 años en la que se mezclan tres modalidades: slalom gigante, boardercross y freeride repartidos entre las cuatro áreas de la Estación: Baqueira, Beret, Bonaigua y Baciver.